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Your Guide to Becoming a Chartered Global Practising Accountant (CGPA) in Canada

Do you aspire to become a recognized leader in the field, equipped with the skills and expertise to thrive in today's global marketplace? If so, pursuing a career as a Chartered Global Practising Accountant (CGPA) could be the perfect path for you. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to becoming a CGPA in Canada and explore the exciting opportunities that await you in this prestigious profession.

What is a Chartered Global Practising Accountant?

A Chartered Global Practising Accountant is a highly respected accounting professional who has earned the prestigious CGPA designation through rigorous education, training, and examination. CGPA's are recognized for their expertise in accounting, finance, taxation, and business management, making them valued assets in organizations around the world. As a CGPA, you'll have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and settings, from public accounting firms and corporations to government agencies and non-profit organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Step 1: Obtain a Relevant Degree

The first step to becoming a CGPA is to obtain a relevant degree in accounting, finance, or a related field from a recognized educational institution. Many universities and colleges across Canada offer undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting and finance that provide the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a CGPA. Consider pursuing internships or co-op placements during your studies to gain practical experience and enhance your employability.

Step 2: Gain Professional Experience

After completing your degree, gaining professional experience is essential to becoming a CGPA. Most professional accounting bodies, including CGPA Global Canada, require candidates to have a minimum number of years of relevant work experience before they can qualify for CGPA certification. Consider pursuing entry-level positions in accounting firms, corporate finance departments, or government agencies to gain valuable experience and develop your skills.

Step 3: Enroll in a CGPA Certification Program

Once you have acquired the necessary education and professional experience, you can enroll in a CGPA certification program offered by a recognized professional accounting body such as CGPA Global Canada. CGPA certification programs are designed to prepare candidates for the rigors of the CGPA examination, covering a wide range of topics, including financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, and business law. By completing a CGPA certification program, you'll acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the CGPA examination and advance your career as a CGPA.

Step 4: Prepare for the CGPA Examination

The CGPA examination is a comprehensive and challenging test of your knowledge and skills in accounting, finance, taxation, and business management. To prepare for the examination, consider enrolling in a CGPA review course offered by CGPA Global Canada or other reputable providers. These courses are designed to help candidates review key concepts, practice exam-style questions, and develop effective study strategies to maximize their chances of success on the CGPA examination.

Step 5: Pass the CGPA Examination

Once you feel confident in your preparation, you can register to take the CGPA examination administered by CGPA Global Canada. The examination consists of multiple-choice questions, written response questions, and case studies that assess your ability to apply accounting principles and concepts to real-world scenarios. By passing the CGPA examination, you'll demonstrate your mastery of accounting and finance and earn the prestigious CGPA designation.

Step 6: Continuing Professional Development

After obtaining CGPA certification, it's important to stay current with developments in the field of accounting and finance through continuing professional development (CPD). CGPA Global Canada offers a variety of CPD opportunities, including workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences, to help CGPA's stay abreast of emerging trends, best practices, and regulatory changes in the profession. By participating in CPD activities, you'll enhance your knowledge and skills, expand your professional network, and maintain your CGPA designation.


Becoming a Chartered Global Practising Accountant is a challenging yet rewarding journey that offers exciting opportunities for professional growth and advancement. With the right education, experience, and certification, you can embark on a successful career as a CGPA and make a meaningful impact in the world of accounting and finance. At CGPA Global Canada, we're committed to supporting aspiring CGPA's on their path to success and providing the resources, training, and guidance they need to thrive in this prestigious profession. If you're ready to take the next step towards becoming a CGPA, we invite you to join us and start your journey today.

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