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Discover Professional Excellence Worldwide at CGPA Canada - Your Global Gateway to Success!

Specialize in Public Finance, Taxation, and  Accountancy

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Welcome to the esteemed Chartered Global Practising Accountants of Canada (CGPA Global Canada), your premier destination for achieving professional excellence in finance and accountancy. We invite you to unlock your career potential and reshape your future with the esteemed Canadian dual designation of CTP/CPFA and CGPA in public finance, taxation, and accountancy. Pursuing a long-term career path in this field can present challenges, yet it also promises significant rewards. Therefore, enhancing skills and increasing proficiency in public finance, taxation, and accounting is imperative for all financial professionals aiming to excel in their careers.

At CGPA Global Canada, we offer prestigious graduate-level programs, including CTP/CPFA and CGPA dual designations, meticulously designed for mid-to-top-level positions. These programs align with the requirements of private and public sector organizations worldwide. Obtaining a dual accounting credential, such as CTP/CPFA and CGPA certification, can significantly enhance one's knowledge base and proficiency in accounting principles, ultimately leading to increased marketability and unlocking a host of additional benefits. In today's fiercely competitive landscape across all sectors, the demand for multiple certifications among accountants and professionals in financial management is on the rise. In such a competitive environment, obtaining the CTP/CPFA and CGPA dual certification can be a valuable asset, offering accountants a distinct advantage and facilitating their success in the worldwide fields of taxation, accounting, and public finance management.

The Chartered Practising Accountants of Canada (CGPA Global) is a highly respected Professional Accounting Organization committed to upholding and safeguarding the public interest. Our mission at CGPA Global Canada is to represent "Chartered Practising Accountants" in all types of organizations, both nationally and internationally. Our primary objective at CGPA Global is to prioritize the well-being and interests of our esteemed members across diverse sectors of the economy. By doing so, we aim to maintain and enhance public trust and confidence on a global scale.

CGPA Global Canada stands as one of the most prestigious professional accountancy bodies, the top choice for Canadian "Chartered Practising Accountants" designation. Our programs are meticulously crafted to surpass the rigorous standards set by global organizations, tailored for aspiring professionals aiming for mid-to-top-level executive positions. In our programs, "CTP" denotes a Chartered Tax Practitioner, "CPFA" stands for Certified Public Finance Accountant, and "CGPA" signifies a Chartered Practising Accountant. All of these designations are fully recognized and regulated under the NPF Act and the Federal Charter of Canada.

The Institute of Chartered Global Practising Accountants of Canada (CGPA Canada), formerly recognized as the Chartered Tax Practitioners and Certified Public Finance Accountants of Canada (CTP-CPFA Canada), is a prestigious professional accountancy body offering highly sought-after qualifications to individuals worldwide who aspire to excel in taxation, public finance management, and accountancy. Our organization is deeply respected as a prominent voice within the business, government, education, and non-profit sectors across the nation.

We are delighted to announce that the Chartered Global Practising Accountants of Canada (CGPA Global Canada) holds a distinguished status. As a chartered and fully certified professional organization under the Federal Charter of Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act since November 11, 2016, we have received full approval from the Ministry of Employment, Workforce Development, and Labour, under subparagraph 118.5(1)(a)(ii) of the Income Tax Act. This accreditation recognizes us as a "Professional Educational Institution" authorized to offer occupational training programs at the postgraduate level across the nation.

We take immense pride in this accomplishment, as it reaffirms our dedication to offering top-tier education and training opportunities in taxation, public finance management, and accountancy. As a "Professional Educational Institution," we uphold rigorous standards and deliver comprehensive programs that equip our members with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required for success in their respective fields. Upgrade your skills and transform your career today!

CGPA Canada, formally CTP-CPFA Canada, has attained a coveted status among the Chartered Certified Canadian Institutions. This notable recognition exemplifies our unwavering commitment to academic excellence and serves as a testament to the quality of education we provide. To view our esteemed institution's name in the distinguished list of Certified Canadian Institutions, please access the following link: Search Results for Certified Institutions - (

The Chartered Practising Accountants of Canada (CGPA Canada) is one of the two most recognized chartered professional accountancy bodies in Canadian legislation, alongside the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). Since its inception in 2016, CGPA Canada has made significant contributions to Canadian accounting standards and acts as a reliable source for the latest Canadian tax news, offering comprehensive updates on evolving tax laws.

Discover Professional Excellence Worldwide at CGPA Canada - Your Global Gateway to Financial Success! Start your career in public finance, tax, and accountancy with CGPA Canada, where excellence meets opportunity! Join CGPA Canada today and set the stage for a brighter future tomorrow. Explore a world of opportunities with our dynamic community, comprised of internationally educated professionals with CPA, CMA, and CA credentials. Let's drive industry innovation and open doors to global networks. The CTP/CPFA and CGPA dual chartered certified professional designations can propel you from the outset of your career to top executive positions in any type of organization, across all sectors of the economy.


The Canadian "Chartered Global Practising Accountants" designation stands as a globally recognized credential, offering a pathway to success in business or finance. Canadian CGPAs are highly sought-after professionals worldwide, occupying key roles like CEOs, board members, and management consultants, pivotal to organizational triumph.

Why choose the CGPA designation?

  1. Demand: Professionals in accounting, business, and finance fields are consistently sought after. With a Canadian CGPA designation, you'll undergo training tailored to meet Canadian and international market demands, providing continuous growth opportunities.

  2. Remuneration: Attaining a CGPA designation can result in lucrative initial salaries and prospects for career progression. According to the 2022 CGPA Member Compensation Survey, the median compensation for Chartered Practising Accountants in Canada stood at $120,000 across various sectors, age brackets, and geographic regions. CGPAs employed in industries such as mining, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals reported the highest median compensations of $150,000 respectively. These findings are derived from voluntary submissions by members who self-disclose their compensation details.

  3. Growth: The CGPA designation offers a pathway to reaching top executive postions across all sectors of the economy. In addition to imparting comprehensive financial management skills, a CGPA designation provides essential knowledge, analytical capabilities, and an ethical mindset necessary for excelling in senior executive positions.

CGPAs often hold executive positions such as:

  • CEO or President: Many CEOs and presidents ascend from the accounting and finance sector, leveraging their CGPA background for respect and expertise.

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Having a CGPA background is indispensable for CFOs, as they are tasked with providing financial counsel to the board and CEO.

  • Treasurer: CGPAs, trained to analyze the big picture, are valued in community and not-for-profit associations for their risk management expertise.

  • Board of Directors: CGPAs' insights are highly sought-after by boards, serving as the highest governing authority in any company.

  • Accounting Managers: Specialized roles like budget directors, auditing managers, and comptrollers require qualifications attainable through a CGPA designation.


Embark on a transformative journey with Canadian "Chartered Practising Accountants" designation, where professional excellence converges with global opportunities. Our esteemed two-year graduate-level programsCTP/CPFA and CGPA dual chartered certified professional designations—are meticulously designed for mid-to-top-level executive positions, catering to the needs of organizations worldwide. Fostering a global community is a top priority at CGPA Canada as we strive to support our members both domestically and internationally.


Join us in fortifying the accounting profession on a global scale and experience unparalleled career advancement opportunities in public finance, taxation, and accountancy. As a member of CGPA Global Canada, you'll join a dynamic community of internationally educated professionals, contributing to industry innovation and accessing global networks. Benefit from CGPA's unparalleled global expertise and become a Canadian "Chartered Certified Practising Accountant" today.


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