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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CGPA Global Canada recognized by the Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada?

CGPA Global Canada, formerly CTP-CPFA Canada, is now officially recognized by both Federal and Provincial Governments, attesting our commitment to top-tier global professional education. Our certified programs align with government criteria, ensuring credibility in the Canadian professional landscape. Join us for outstanding career opportunities in taxation, public finance management, and accountancy.

Is the CGPA's Professional Qualification Program comparable to the CPA Professional Education Program in Canada?

Certainly! CGPA's PQ Program (CTP/CPFA and CGPA PQP) is comparable to CPA PEP, offering excellent benefits for those seeking professional qualifications in Canada. With similar entry requirements, completion earns esteemed post-graduate credentials and globally recognized designations. Join CGPA's PQ program for access to knowledge, career prospects, and a network of industry experts—an incredible opportunity to thrive in accounting. Join CGPA Global Canada now and elevate your career!

Why should I take the CGPA Global Canada's PQ Program?

CGPA Canada is a registered 'Professional Educational Institution,' offering approved post-graduate training in taxation, public finance, and accountancy. Join us for exclusive resources, professional development, and a supportive network, propelling your career and advancing the industry. Your journey with us contributes not only to personal career growth but also to the advancement of the entire industry.

In comparison to the CPA designation in Canada, does the CGPA designation hold prestige as a recognized and esteemed Canadian accounting designation?

The CGPA Global Canada professional designation is prestigious in Canadian accounting, offering recognition and career benefits. The dual CTP/CPFA designation stands out for specialized expertise, enhancing professional profiles and increasing marketability. Achieving CGPA Global Canada unlocks opportunities within the profession. Join the community, elevate your career in tax, PFM, and accounting – become a member today for recognition and opportunities.

For more detailed questions, please download the PDF below.

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